To provide 15 years’ service

Like XM Rock, it carries a digital audio radio payload built by Alcatel Space Industries. The payload features two active transponders, each with 16 active (and six spare) 228 watt traveling wave tube amplifiers generating approximately 3,000 watts of RF signal power, making these the most powerful commercial transponders ever built. The satellite has two 16.4 foot folding deployable S band transmit reflectors and one X band global receive antenna.To provide 15 years’ service, the Boeing 702 carries the flight proven xenon ion propulsion system (XIPS) for all on orbit maneuvering.

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According to the National Weather Service, the record set in August 1915 was 35 feet at the Tecumseh gauge. In December of 2015, the river crested at nearly 25 feet in that location. But on April 29th, 2017, the flood water took out the Tecumseh gauge before the river crested, meaning we may never know exactly how high the river got.

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