A quarter of the electorate or more routinely skips voting for

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wholesale nfl jerseys It looks like two stalks of wheat set in front of water. Upon closer inspection, however, you will discern in the negative space created by the wheat stalks, a stylized forno. The reference is both literal and figurative. For the first time, Ohioans have access to quality information about all candidates for judge.My Judicial Votes Count partners include the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron, which houses the website; the Ohio State Bar Association; the League of Women Voters of Ohio; the Ohio Newspaper Association; and the Ohio Association of Broadcasters.There are many reasons to better educate Ohioans about judges and the judiciary. One reason is judicial voter drop off. A quarter of the electorate or more routinely skips voting for judges, who, by law, are listed near the bottom of the ballot.Another impetus for creating the website came from a Bliss Institute survey of 1,067 registered Ohio voters who said the biggest reason they don’t vote for judge is because they don’t know enough about the candidates.I believe it’s unreasonable to expect voters to be knowledgeable about judicial candidates when that information used to be difficult to find. wholesale nfl jerseys

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