I Needed Help to Make Myself and My Relationship Better

Both of my grandparents had back alignments when I was a kid, so I have no idea how I forgot about that and did not make the effort to go to a chiropractor in Cumming GA much sooner. But when I finally remembered, I raced to find out who I should go here in the city. Making that effort really changed things for me in more than one way. Not only did it help me feel better physically, it also helped me mentally because I am no longer a slave to the pain that I was feeling on a daily basis.

As someone who has always been somewhat happy in life, I noticed somewhat that I had become crabby over time. While I was aware, it didn’t occur to me that it was worse than it really was. My fiance is the one who had to point it out to me. She was polite about it for some time, and then, when she’d had enough she let me know it. She burst out crying one night, and then she got really angry with me. That was when she told me that I had pushed her to the breaking point with my anger. I had no idea that was I was angry! I was speechless at first. I promised I would do something to make a change right away.

I took some time to really think things over, and that was when I realized that I had become angry over time because of how much pain I had been dealing with. I had been going to see my physician and that was not helping. He gave me pain pills that made me groggy and left me unable to drive or work really easily when I took them. A chiropractor changed all that for me and has made me feel better without any meds in my life.