The Benefits of Running on a Treadmill or Outdoors

Running offers numerous benefits. Individuals looking to get into shape should consider taking up this activity, but not all find this is possible. They may not live in an area where this is a safe space to run or they may be limited in terms of time to engage in the activity. Don’t give up. A treadmill allows a person to run whenever it is convenient to them, right in the comfort of the home.

A person who runs will find any excess weight comes off easier. This is due to the afterburn effect. Exercise kick starts the body’s metabolism and the effects continue for a period of time after the workout ends. People often assume they must be running at very fast speeds to get this benefit, but this isn’t the case. Many experts recommend a pace at which it is fairly easy to talk, but hard to sing, and most individuals can go at this pace.

When a person runs, they strengthen the joints and bones of the body. Not only does bone mass increase when an individual runs, but bone loss that comes as part of the aging process decreases. Many people assume this activity is hard on the knees, but that’s truly not the case, and research now shows running actually makes these joints stronger. No one should allow this fear to hold the back any longer, and consider the fact that losing weight will actually be of benefit to the knees. If a person takes this into account, they’ll realize this activity is very good for them.

Running and treadmill reviews are of great help when the time comes to purchase equipment of this type. People have different goals when it comes to running, and there are many treadmills designed to meet the needs of all. For example, a person who wishes to run a marathon in the near future will likely need a more advanced machine, one that can withstand heavy use. Someone looking to get into shape, in contrast, may only use the treadmill for the equivalent of ten miles each week. Different treadmills are best for each purpose, although a heavy duty treadmill will work for all. The expense often isn’t necessary, however, which is why reviews should always be read before a decision is made.